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Flashback to previous editions of the International Early Childhood Congress Action

Testimonials of participants from the Second International Congress at the Heart of Childhood in June 2018...

"I very much appreciated the remarks of the Minister from New Zealand. She started by analyzing the concrete needs in order to build. It is important to open up to the world to draw inspiration from good practices and adapt our own."

"Once you find out what is happening in other countries, you realize that sometimes the issues are similar, but the country is responding differently."

"To move from curative to preventive, we need to take advantage of these congresses: with scientific expertise and with the expertise of other countries that provide a real benchmark." “Great job. Looking forward to the next one!” “The speakers were amazing – such a great group, all very well spoken and inspirational!” “Great venue, loved that it was in Paris and pulled together a great range of experts and learners in the field.” “Very enriching experiences.” “The keynote speakers were all excellent.” “A rich experience, which has reinforced my professional experience and provided new perspectives.”

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